Type of attraction: Culture ( museums , exhibitions )

De Grot van Remouchamps

De Grot van Remouchamps wordt al sinds 1828 bezocht door toeristen.
De fakkels die de eerste bezoekers destijds gebruikten, zullen maar een vage indruk gegeven hebben van wat men vandaag ontdekt, dankzij de pracht die de huidige verlichting toont. Het gevoel van mysterie zal in die tijd zwaarder hebben doorgewogen dan het zicht op de onderaardse schoonheid…

De hedendaagse bezoeker kan overigens veel meer ontdekken dan de reizigers van de 19e eeuw: ruime galerijen, prachtig geboetseerd door de natuur, voeren hem naar een zaal die pas ontdekt werd in 1912: de Kathedraal, 40 meter hoog, groot genoeg om een flatgebouw van 12 verdiepingen te bevatten.

Maar het meest charmante moment van het bezoek is de terugkeer met het bootje, op de rivier die door het onderste niveau van de Grot loopt.
De bezoeker kan daarbij genieten van de langste onderaardse vaartocht van België en overigens ook de langste ter wereld die toegankelijk is voor toeristen.



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The museum of the “water City Spa”

The museum of the “water City Spa” is located in an old villa in Spa. The villa was the residence of Queen Marie-Henriette-Anne of Habsburg-Lorraine, wife of Leopold II. On June 6 1970, this museum was officially opened.

Wool and fashion centre

Set inside the ancient Dethier-Bettonville factory, this delightful wool and fashion “show tour” reveals how raw wool is turned into finished products (blankets, sweaters, fabrics, etc.). Your individual audio guide unveils the heyday of Vervier’s wool industry, intrinsically tied to the river Vesdre, through a captivating exhibition of textile machines, worker testimonials and period dresses.

The castle of Reinhardstein

Nestling in the heart of Hautes Fagnes, on a protected site spanning over 300 acres, the brown-black shale silhouette of Reinhardstein Castle perches on a rocky outcrop overlooking the deep gorge of Warche valley: One of the treasures of the Eastern Counties (Cantons de l’Est), this architectural ensemble is unique in Belgium. Today, Reinhardstein has been restored to its former glory: its rooms and apartments house a collection of furniture, weapons and tapestries aptly reflecting the tastes and passions of the last masters of the domain and exhaling a very particular, warm and sometimes disconcerting atmosphere.

The Stavelot Abbey

Stavelot Abbey, a magical destination boasting the “5 Suns” quality label! No less than 3 museums await you in the setting of Belgium’s oldest monastic foundation.

  • Principality of Stavelot-Malmedy History Museum. For over a thousand years, the principality has exerted its influence over a territory extending well beyond Belgium’s borders. The Principality of Stavelot-Malmedy History Museum offers a modern and fun-filled insight into the Old Régime and includes sounds and images, various objects and works of art, orchestrated using the latest multimedia techniques, together with the “Espace Wibald”, portraying a 12th-century Empire priest.
  • Spa-Francorchamps Race Track Museum. Set inside the abbey’s vaulted cellars, this museum tells the story of the “world’s finest race track”. An exhibition of exceptional vehicles, previously-unseen videos and unusual objects allow visitors to relive the passion of racing, from the pioneers to today’s drivers. You’re bound to take yourself for a Fangio, Senna or Schumacher after a virtual lap of the Ardennes track!
  • Guillaume Apollinaire Museum. This museum, with its hushed atmosphere, evokes the poet’s stay in the Stavelot region and plunges visitors into the world of the author of the “Chanson du Mal-Aimé”. The itinerary introduces visitors to the work of one of the last century’s most outstanding figures, as seen through Apollinaire’s writings and the eyes of Picasso, Chagall and Cocteau.

The Malmudarium Malmedy

This ancient monastery has now become Malmedy’s touristic and cultural hub. Not to be missed! The impressive building next to the cathedral has been extensively restored, renovated and redesigned, with the aid of the Wallonia Regional Council, French Community and Malmedy Town Council. The cloister and inner courtyard are now genuine little jewels and the attic, still sporting its original, 18th century beams, is simply enchanting. A park will shortly be developed around the site. With an area of 3,000 square metres from the ground floor to the attic, visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to learning about the past and present of Malmedy and its region. This exciting and innovative multi-purpose project is committed to offering a fun and interactive experience for families, seniors and schoolchildren alike.

Baugnez 44 Historical Centre

On December 17th, 1944, the Kampfgruppe Peiper massacred 84 American prisoners. The Baugnez 44 Museum is now located on this historic site as a permanent tribute to the infamous massacre at Malmedy. The Battle of the Ardennes centre, opened in 2007, is already considered as one of the finest museums of its kind and features all of the major battle events, including 16 stage reconstructions and 120 showcases, together with several unique pieces relating to the massacre. Visitors can also enjoy a previously-unpublished 25-minute film, together with two multimedia shows to plunge you into the winter of 1944… The highest-quality collection in Europe! A unique experience not to be missed!

Castle of Franchimont

Franchimont, an ancient stronghold of the Province of Liège, stands on a rocky outcrop overlooking three magnificent valleys in the northern Ardennes, 8 km from the town of Spa. The current remains are a spectacular example of a medieval castle, reworked in the early Modern Age. Interactive tours with individual audio guide. The 11th-12 century castle forms the hub of the fortress and is surrounded by ramparts dating back to the early 16th century. This construction is a rare example of the evolution of defence systems during the Renaissance: the bunkers and their underground access galleries are one of the highlights of the tour. You can round off your visit to this romantic site at the pleasant “Brasserie de Franchimont” – a tavern with a shaded terrace facing the castle, serving meals and drinks for your picnic.

The Spa-Francorchamps Racetrack Museum

Between 1999 and 2002, the Abbey of Stavelot was completely renovated thanks to finance provided by the Walloon region. The cloister was rebuilt into the monastery building. Indeed, on the old foundations, a new wing was built out of glass and stainless steel in the proportions of the fourth wing destroyed during the French revolution.

Three museums are now housed within the old building of the abbey:

  • Museum of the Principality of Stavelot-Malmedy
  • Spa-Francorchamps Racetrack Museum
  • Guillaume Apollinaire Museum

Wrapped in a curtain of greenery between Stavelot, Malmédy and Spa, scene of so many car and motorcycling exploits, the Spa-Francorchamps racetrack is still considered by many racing drivers as the “most beautiful track in the world”.

The Spa-Francorchamps Racetrack Museum, located in Abbey’s magnificent vaulted cellars, retraces the prestigious history of the track. Original visual documents, educational panels and a continually renewed presentation of exceptional vehicles retrace the passion of the competition, from the pioneers to the present day: Ferrari, March, Chevron, Porsche, Cooper …

Formula 1, but also the epic 24-hour motor and motorcycle races, take on a new dimension. The “Demoiselles de Herstal”, the name people gave to the motorcycles built in Herstal, conjure up nostalgic memories of the hours of glory of the Liège-based industries: FN, Gillet and Saroléa.

A large scale model and Playstation 4 consoles make the track even more concrete for motor racing enthusiasts.