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You will find 3 bivouac sites near the Gileppe lake.

A bivouac is always a minimalist camp (under the stars or with a small tent or a “tarp”) to spend a night (just one) in peace and quiet as part of an autonomous and “slow” roaming (on foot, by bike, etc.). The integration of humans into nature is a major challenge for bivouacs. Calm and understanding of the natural environment are essential to its respect.

Bivouac rules:

  • arrival on foot, by bike, on horseback in any case without a motor (except for e-bikes),
  • arrival at the end of the day and early departure in the morning,
  • Equipment: max. of a small tent (where you can’t stand) or a tarp,
  • discretion (no sound broadcast via GSM, radio, etc.),
  • make way for silence from 10 p.m.,
  • respect the sleep of others,
  • only make a fire if/there/when it is authorized and safe,
  • Do not take dead wood except where it is authorized and without harming the vegetation
  • respect the place, nature and its inhabitants (human and non-human),
  • do not take anything and leave no trace of its passage (not traces of a fire, nor toilet paper),
  • use the sanitary facilities in place and in their absence bury your droppings at least 100 meters from the bivouac areas,
  • take back all his waste.

Thank you!!

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