The spring Wellington is one of the two springs of the commercialized “Spa water” that is located within the municipality of Jalhay. The water of the Wellington spring is captured since 1909 in a swamp meadow. In 1818, the spring was gifted by the Duke Wellington to the city of Spa, where the Duke stayed. The Duke of Wellington was the victor of Waterloo, where the Emporer Napoleon was defeated. The Duke’s nickname was “Iron Duke”. The spring was first commercialized by the Royale Belge, which was bought out in 1924 by Spa Monopole. The water was bottled near the spring in a building that was later removed.

The spring Marie-Henriette, named after Marie-Henriette of Austria, Queen of Belgium, naturally contains carbonic acid. The water originated from several springs. Around the turn of the 18th century springs at Nivezé were exploited. These springs provide excellent water to the Thermes of Spa. The spring water has a high iron content.

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The spring Marie-Henriette and Wellington

  • Nivezé Bas 4845, Jalhay, Belgique