Romain Abbas’ father started organic farming 20 years ago and is considered as one of the early pioneers in organic farming. Today his son, Romain Abbas, who was born and raised as an organic farmer, manages the family farm. The quality of his organic farm products  is evident from the many positive responses from local customers.

Besides producing produce, Abbas also keeps livestock on his farm. Belgian Blues are not sufficiently hardy to keep and breed outside. Therefore, Romain Abbas’ father selected and raised Limousin cows, beautiful redheaded cows that are very hardy and well-adapted to keep and breed outdoors. Today the farm has 70 Limousine and 70 Simmental cows to produce meat that is certified organic. Abbas would like in the future to open an organic supermarket stocked with local products.

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  • Arbespine 43, Jalhay, Belgique