The old train station of Sart (Sart-Station) was built in 1890, the right wing and the house of the signalman only in 1932. The whole site was restored in 1990.

The last passenger train stopped here at August 1st 1959. Afterwards, the station still transported important goods, especially wood. The Limburg coal mines were a good customer too. In 1969, the goods traffic also came to an end. In March 1974 the track was broken out between Spa and Stavelot with which the definitive end of line 44 was deployed.

The railway Spa-TroisPonts which had been around for more than 30 years was no longer in use, but the old train station of Sart is still known as SartStation”. On the front of the building is written Sart-lezSpa”. Today the building serves  as a holiday home.

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The old train station of Sart (Sart-Station)

  • Station 32 4845 Jalhay, Belgique