Along the Hoëgne, between Parfondbois and the mill Thorez, one finds a cavity in a rock of slate. It is the entrance of a former slate quarry. (slate quarry from Roslin). Since 1773, slate and coal was mined here. In 1863 the wood company in Gospinal opened a slate mine. The Church of Solwaster has a roof  of slate, from this quarry. A second slate quarry is located along the road from Sart to Solwaster and the entrance is protected with bars.
The slate was of poor quality. The quarry also regularly flooded. From that moment, the extraction and processing of slate was performed by a company in Vielsalm, specialist in cutting and polishing slate. This company had a water wheel that  facilitated polishing.

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The old slate quarry

  • Solwaster 77, 4845 Jalhay, Belgique